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Now available nationwide through our exclusive National Seminar Program

The Sales 260 workshop is one of our core programs.  It is designed to equip your salesperson with the skills necessary to become effective in their territory as soon as training is complete by developing basic through intermediate selling skills.  The program focuses on three areas: 

  • Effective selling skills
  • Productivity in the field
  • Territory development & goal setting

Here are a few of the skills that successful students will learn: 

  • Present your company and capabilities to any prospect
  • Sell your target products effectively
  • Create effective sales talks on any product or service
  • Draft a territory plan with 30, 60, and 90 day account and market objectives
  • Be more productive than experienced sales veterans
  • Identify and solve sales cycle problems and barriers

Mastering the fundamentals
Students are immediately immersed in the workshop format as they begin developing their company overview “mini-presentation”.  This presentation will be a platform for phone introductions and calls on new prospects.  Emphasis is placed on understanding and mastering fundamental selling skills quickly so they can be applied to different selling situations and additional products.
Workshops and drills are dedicated to developing effective presentation skills, listening skills, trail closing, closing, and handling objections, with significant time dedicated to handling pricing related issues.  The Sales 260 program also addresses developing new prospect lists, prospecting, cold calls, and call / mail / call alternatives.  Special topics such as “getting in the door” and “accelerating your product knowledge” are covered in detail. 

Special mini-workshops are set up for manufacturers (Secrets to Selling Thru Distribution) and distributors (Getting The Most from Your Manufacturer’s Salesman).

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”

Productivity is one of the most important but often one of the least addressed performance areas in sales.  Salespeople operate most often without someone observing them most of the time.  Some sales reps fight mechanisms for accountability.  We’ve heard it all before – “I’d rather make one great call a day than four bad calls”.  Our response to that is, “I’d like to make four great calls, not just one.  One call a day is not acceptable.”  The best performers are those who understand what they can expect from themselves.  If you’ve hired the right person, they want to know anything that can help them perform better. 

There are typically about 250 production days in a year.  How many calls / day?  How many calls / week?  What can I expect of myself in terms of account and prospect coverage?  How do I measure quality?  Most importantly, “What tools are available to help me perform better?” 

This is what we cover in the Productivity portion of the sales 260 program.
Territory Strategy, Territory Management, & Goal Setting

Territory strategies and an approach to territory management are typically set by management influence.  We work with students to show them how to achieve the company objectives, financially and strategically.  Turning productive habits and corporate goals into a day to day strategy with monthly objectives helps the sales rep avoid distraction or wasted activity.   

Successful students leave the program knowing what to do, how to do it, where to go, how to set healthy goals, and how to stay on track  for continuous personal growth.
We are pleased and excited to bring this high quality program to you – now on a national scale.



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