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This workshop should be required for every member of the management team, the sales team, and the marketing team.  It changes the way you think about your company, your products, and your competition.  It will affect your competitive strategy, your approach to marketing, and your approach to selling.  You may find it to be the most enlightening common sense business seminar you have ever attended.
Customers just want a “good deal”.  But how do I know what a good deal looks like?  Feedback from the market can be ambiguous and confusing.  On one hand, I hear we have to provide the highest quality, fastest response time, and shortest lead times.  But then customers and even our own sales team will say “it all comes down to price”!  How can you be everything to everybody and still make money?

“Just Give ‘em a Good Deal” shows you exactly how to blow away the fog and get a crystal clear vision on what your customer wants and how you can try and satisfy their demand.  You will learn how to find those opportunities where you can win the higher percentage of the time.  You may also learn where you can tailor your marketing or selling approach to increase sales and increase margins as well. 

This program is excellent for one day management team meetings or as part of a sales meeting.  The concepts taught in “Give ‘em a Good Deal” are the foundation for all of the training programs offered by INDUSTRIAL SELLING SKILLS”.


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