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Industrial selling is different than retail sales and other business to business selling.  Selling heavy equipment is different than selling a whole life insurance policy.  Selling cell phones or financial services is different than selling a conveyor system or maintenance service contract.  The fundamentals of selling are the same but the application of the principles is different. 

Sales cycle times are longer.  Major accounts and national accounts have multiple operations and corporate offices spread across the country.  Multi-site accounts may overlap sales territories. 

The audience varies widely.  One minute you are working with a machine operator.  The next minute you are in a conference room with 15 people from engineering, purchasing, operations, safety, and accounting.

Industries are consolidating.  Larger companies are getting larger.  Smaller companies are being acquired and integrated into larger ones.  Knowing where to find new opportunities can be as big a challenge as competing once you find them. 

Think about some of these comments below and see if they relate to your business: 

  • "The “gatekeeper” is no longer just an unfriendly receptionist or secretary!  Now, it may be a vendor reduction policy or a supply contract requirement.”

  • "Where are the ‘decision makers’?  They’re harder to identify and sometimes difficult to find at all!  The decision maker today is likely to be a cross functional team of purchasing, operations, engineering, and maintenance staff – maybe even accounts payable.  I’m selling to all of them at the same time and they all have different agendas!”

  • "My product is still important.  So is the price. Now I have to consider safety, liability, insurance requirements, and on site terms and conditions.  I’m not a lawyer!  I may be eliminated as a supplier just because my competitor can provide a couple more products than I can or fills out paperwork better.”

  • "We lost money on the job because our salesman didn’t tell us we needed a special power adapter to be in compliance with their safety program.  Why didn’t my salesmen know this up front?”

  • "I set up another distributor in the area.  They told me about all the volume they could get if they were just on “an even playing field” but my total sales into the market have not changed a bit.”

INDUSTRIAL SELLING SKILLS programs equip your team better because we address the unique aspects of working in industrial markets.  We focus on fundamentals and apply them to the real world you work in every day. 


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